Cost-Effective Ways To Keep Your Trencher Teeth In Perfect Condition

Once you have invested in trenching equipment, the second most important thing is to ensure that you are keeping in perfect condition. Make sure that you have it operating at peak performance all the time. That’s the only way that you can ensure you are getting the most out of the machine.

The most crucial parts of the trenching machine that you need to keep in perfect condition are trencher teeth. The good news is that there are so many ways that you can keep these parts in perfect condition. That’s what we have for you in this article.

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Here are cost-effective ways to keep your trencher teeth in perfect condition:

Use Teeth Properly

Before you can even think of doing anything, you need to ensure that you are using your trencher teeth properly. This means you need to use the trencher teeth as the manufacturer has recommended for the machine to be used. This is because the application specification of the machine is all about how the machine should be used. This is the first step that will help keep your trencher teeth in perfect condition.

Get the Right Teeth

If you have just or about to make a replacement for your faulty or worn-out trencher teeth, make sure that you have the right teeth on the machine. This is because having the wrong teeth on the machine, especially low-quality parts, will be difficult to maintain them in perfect condition. So, you must ensure that you have the right trencher teeth on the machine.

Regular Maintenance

Make sure that your trencher teeth are regularly maintained. This is an important factor to consider if you have been using the machine frequently. The best maintenance that you need to carry out is the cleaning of the teeth after work and checking for cracks and other damages. Make sure that any damage, no matter how small it may appear, has been fixed immediately. That how you keep the trenching machine cutter tools in perfect conditions.

Regular Sharpening

Regular sharpening is very crucial, especially if you are digging rough and rocky conditions. The tips are likely to get dull and blunt, and thus the need to keep them sharp. Make sure that tip sharpening is done professionally by a skilled person.