5 Things You Can Expect From Loftness G3 Mulching Head

5 Things You Can Expect From Loftness G3 Mulching Head

The Loftness G3 is among the most powerful mulching heads in the market and for a long time. The machine has been used for years, and with the updates, it has continued to dominate the mulching industry. One of the things that make this machine stand out is the powerful power it produces when coupled with a good prime mover. In this guide, we are going to look at some of the things you can expect from Loftness G3 mulching head attachment:

High Compatibility

The Loftness G3 mulching head attachment is designed to offer extreme versatility, and this includes compatibility with the skid steers. There are so many skid steers in the market, and if you are hiring, you need a mulcher head that combines with as many brands as possible. That’s what you get from these machines. They work almost all of the skid steers you can find in the market.

Excellent Productivity

The high productivity of the Loftness G3 mulching head attachment is another thing you can expect. These machines are designed to offer incredible cutting performance from the design of the drum, the layout of the teeth, and the quality of the teeth used for their construction. On the quality of the teeth, the Loftness G3 is fitted with tungsten carbide tipped teeth which offers incredible cutting performance. That’s how the high productivity of these machines is achieved.

Smaller Particle Size

The Loftness G3 mulching head attachment is designed with two cutting chambers that enable the machine to produce a smaller particle size without the need to keep adjusting it. The primary cutting chamber has the cutter teeth, while the second chamber has the re-cutter bar. This combination improves the efficiency of cutting and the cutting of small particles. That’s something you might not get from other mulchers.

Low Maintenance

The Loftness G3 mulching head attachment is designed to be compact and deliver even in the most demanding conditions. You don’t have to worry about breaking cutter teeth or teeth hold or cracking drums. So, you can expect this mulcher head to cost much less in that the rate of wear and tear is very low.

High Durable

Because of the high-quality technology and materials used for the construction of Loftness G3 mulching head attachment, you can expect these machines to last longer. Therefore, this is one of the mulching attachments that will give you value for money.