What Slow Speed Wood Shredder and Why You Need One

What Slow Speed Wood Shredder and Why You Need One?

Wood waste or wood scrap management is of the industry that touches everyone. Whether you have a small home garden or a large compound, you need to have a mechanism of disposing of this waste. That is why the wood grinding industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today. However, with lots of technologies to choose from, it can become a little more confusing for the users. Among the most common is the slow speed wood shredder.

A slow speed wood shredder is a type of wood shredding machine that can produce anything between 100-15,000 pounds per hour. If you wish to shred this volume of wood, then this the perfect machine for you. But what the other benefits that are associated with these machines? Here the benefits of using slow speed wood shredder:

High Consistency

Many studies have proven that slow speed wood shredders are some of the highly consistent machines when it comes to chips size. That is due to their slow speed which makes it possible for the machine to maintain the initial settings for long. Therefore, if you are looking to produce a specific size of wood chips, then a slow speed wood shredder would be the perfect machine to pick from. This is one of the biggest reasons why they are popular with domestic and small scale contractors.

Low Noise Output

The slow speed wood shredder models are very silent in operations. This is another reason why they are popular with domestic users. They are also widely popular in densely populated areas where the issue of noise could be a challenge. That is because they are extremely silent in their operation.

Less Mess

Due to the design, slow speed wood shredders have less mess in terms of dust and debris. That is because the speed of shredding the wood is slowly and hence there no much weed that is generated to blow out the wood particles. Therefore, the machine will make your work easier by keeping the place clean.

Low Operating Cost

Apart from the slow speed of shredding, these machines are also powered by small motors. The HP rating of these motors is small in that the power they consume is very small. Therefore, the overall cost of operation is very small.


If you are looking for a machine that can handle a variety of wood scrap or wood waste, then slow speed wood shredder is one of the best alternatives. They can handle almost any kind of wood waste conveniently.