4 Main Customized Services On CMT Forestry Mulcher Teeth

4 Main Customized Services On CMT Forestry Mulcher Teeth

One of the biggest reasons why most mulching machine users are going for CMT forestry mulcher teeth is the many benefits they are getting from them. One of the biggest benefits is the numerous customized services that the manufacturer is providing.

But which are the main services that the manufacturer has customized?  Well, there are a number of them. So if you are planning to deal with the CMT, here are just a few of the customized services that you can get from them:

Hot Forging And Cold Forging

Over the years, hot forging has been used for the construction of the metallic tools. It is one of the oldest methods that have been used by a human when the use of metal was invented. However, over the years, forging technology has advanced, and now, we use not only hot forging but also cold forging. Forging technology produces some of the best strength and hardness features in CMT forestry mulcher teeth. The manufacturer has invested in the advanced hot and cold forging technologies, hence value for money is a guarantee.

Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing

Another technique that is widely used in the market is the tungsten carbide hard facing. It is a technology that has been used, mostly in the last few decades, for the purpose of hardening tools. That is why CMT is using the same for the production of the mulching teeth. If you want your CMT forestry mulcher teeth hardened and strengthened, then you need to consider having them hard-faced using a layer of tungsten carbide material.

Brazing Hard Alloy

You can have different options CMT forestry mulcher teeth that you need to check out, but the most important one is the kind of joints. For the forestry mulching, you need powerful joints that do not break when exposed in demanding conditions. That is why CMT is providing customized brazing hard alloy technique services. With this service, you can have your forestry mulcher teeth improved by having a powerful joint that can handle all kinds of mulching conditions

CNC Machine centers

One of the essential equipment when it comes to the wear parts manufacturing is the CNC machine centers. They are computerized units that help in the production of tools. They are very precise in that you can produce the exact tools that you need. For CNC customized services, you can contact CMT as a machine a user to a fellow manufacturer.